First off, Derby Plaza Theaters wants to start off by thanking YOU, for your continued support of our locally owned and operated movie theater. We have been proud to serve Derby, and surrounding communities for over 20 years. Derby Plaza Theaters would like to announce to its faithful customers a price change with our popcorn and drink prices. These changes came after much consideration with our refills of jumbo drinks & popcorns and on careful price comparison to continue to offer one free refill on all jumbo sizes. All other menu items will stay at their same price for the time being. We are happy to announce that with these price changes you will still receive 1 free refill on all jumbo items both separately and in combos. We are still happy to say that our prices will remain lower than the industry average. We want to ensure we provide a quality establishment to allow you, your families and friends to enjoy quality time together at an affordable price. We understand this is a change, and we want you to know we appreciate your business and hope to continue to serve you for many years moving forward. For questions, comments and concerns please feel free to email Kristina Keeter at 

Thank you,

Derby Plaza Theaters